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May 22, 2017 

Dear Patients:                                     

It is with a saddened heart that I am writing to you today. On June 30th 2017 my office will close so that I may retire. Recently I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The onsets of symptoms were sudden; presently they are mild. However, in an effort to avoid progression of the disease, (and under the advisement of my neurologist) it is essential that I retire. In an effort to continue your care my practice is being transferred into the capable hands of:

Dr. Robert Reier, Chiropractor – In practice since 1995
Chiropractic CARE of Bel Air
205 East Broadway – Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Dr. Reier is an excellent Chiropractor. We share a common philosophy and dedication to treat each patient with a personalized approach for healing. Dr. Reier is a graduate of Loyola College in Baltimore and received his doctoral degree from “The National College of Chiropractic.” Please note that Dr. Reier and I are working together in an effort to make this transaction as smooth as possible for everyone!

With regard to office housekeeping; I will be present in the office, (pending my health) with Jerry and/or other staff personal until the June 30th 2017 date. If you desire to request a copy of your medical records, they are available. To request your records please contact me via writing at the Forest Hill P.O. Box given above, and enclose a check for $25.00 dollars. Or with advanced notice, you may pick up your medical records in person prior to June 30th 2017, (the fee for this is $20.00). Please sign and forward the enclosed release with any written request.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my cell phone or e-mail address if you have any questions. These avenues of communication will remain the same for the next six months. I thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding.

In closing, I extend to you my very best! It has been an incredible honor to rendered Chiropractic care to you. I sincerely thank you for allowing to me the privileged to know you and to care for you. Jerry joins with me in sending to you our fondest regards and gratitude.

Most Sincerely, 

Dr. Mary J. Cleaves-Duncan



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